Friday, October 16, 2015


Happy Friday! For those of us in SoCal Im sure we're all excited the rain and some gloom is here!! :D much needed & a great way, for me, to enter this weekend. Dont know what plans are in store yet but I do know that at some point Hotel Transylvania needs to be seen. Like, NEEDS to be. Last weekend we saw Sicarios at the drive in. I fell asleep so I missed the end :( Not that it was a bad movie but my husband should know, and anyone else who knows me, that at 9pm Im done for the night if Im not shaking my groove thang on a dance floor haha OH and Olivia has her first modeling job in two weeks! So excited for my daughter :) She's a natural in front of the camera so I just thought I'd share a couple pics I snapped of her today. Well I hope you all enjoy your weekend! I'll be back with another post later. Im creeping this one in while my steaks cook on the stove for tonight ;) see ya soon!
Diaper Cover + Black Onesie: The Baby Exchange
Socks: Target
Heaadband: gift from Grandma
I made these earlier in the week and my "Lil Boo" matches them ;)
sig photo sig.jpg_zpskvut99wu.png

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