Monday, October 5, 2015


My Husband & daughter; biggest blessings so far! Every day Im thankful I have them in my life. Since the weather decided to be cold for a change I wish I could have stayed home all day. Instead I had to work :( but when I got off I kicked my boots off, tossed my uniform aside and squeezed my baby girl. I gave her a ton of kisses too :) This past weekend we were in Vegas supporting my husband at his basketball game tournament(that he did great in and they WON the championship!!) love watching him play. Well today we just cuddled watching old Disney classics while Bryan started this new netflix show called Zoo. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this cold! & next year we'll be living in it :) Now Im about to make some tea and cozy up with my little family. Hope you're all enjoying your weather!
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