Monday, August 3, 2015

Livs ear piercing

Over the weekend we took Olivia to get her ears pierced and as you can see, from the above picture, she wasn't too happy with it. haha she cried during the whole thing but afterwords my tough little cookie was all smiles :) We took her to a store in the mall called Icing. They'll do any babies piercings as long as she's had her Hepatitis B vaccine. They dont recommend getting silver earrings to start with just because most babies tend to be allergic to that more than gold. We opted for a pair of white gold studs :) which look great on her skin color by the way! Once the worker made her marks and we confirmed the evenness of the holes, daddy held her while the deed was done. Icing employees give you training on after care and you get a big bottle of cleaning solution. The total for everything including tax was around 59$. After 8 weeks of healing we can change the earrings but I like these and based on Livs smiles she does too :)
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