Friday, August 21, 2015

Three Months

Olivia has blessed us with her presence another month! She is laughing, cooing, trying to communicate and smiling constantly :) When her dad jokingly tempts her with pizza or ice cream her face lights up haha She loves looking at the pictures in the books I read to her. I couldn't tell you how much she weighs or how tall shes grown but my little pork chop is almost busting out of all her 3 month old onesies! Olivia likes to play on her colorful play mat and watch VocabuLARRY on tv. She's doing great on tummy time! She's so strong :) I wish I could report that her hair has curled up but its STILL straight. Well, the ends are slowly starting to get a little flip but still. She doesn't complain much when I dress her up and I think my smarty knows what a camera is. Whenever I put it to her face to attempt to take a picture she'll either smile or stare at me like "LEAVE ME ALONE!" haha 'You are my sunshine' and rocking on the rocking chair with mom are what puts her to sleep. Very thankful she is sticking to a schedule where she can sleep all night! 10pm is the latest she'll be up and then off to dream land she goes until 5 or 6am when she wakes up expecting a hearty breakfast. If she isn't sleeping in her big bassinet then she's sleeping with mom and dad in the bed(in her co sleeping bassinet). Swaddling is still her favorite way to be cozy. Olivia has had a play date and met so many more people who love her this month. I love her fat cheeks and kiss them constantly! Blessed we have our healthy girl here to brighten our days :)
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