Monday, January 30, 2017

SKINCARE ROUTINE for oily skin

Hey! Its been awhile so let me not waste time and get right into this post ;) I'll do a 'where I've been' post soon!


From the beginning I was quiet about it on my social media accounts because I feared something might go wrong and we wouldn't get the house. Eventually I was just like, ok I dont care. We JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE!! I started to post subliminal pictures on my snapchat of an empty lot and add a house emoji. I did it to track progress in a fun way until more development had been made. Those who knew me already knew what it meant because I was so excited I never shut up haha Talking about how we customized our home and having one built from the ground up was nothing but a blessing! Since sharing more pictures and posts many people have asked me questions...Like, how we did it/ cost etc...I made a post to talk about our home buying experience because I get so many of the same questions haha *Im no real estate agent Im just talking about what we did and explaining from my level of understanding on what I can* Bare with me & enjoy, its a long one!
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