Thursday, October 1, 2015

Something to think about

1.Early wakeups
-children to love
2.House to clean
-safe place to live
-clothes to wear
4.Dishes to wash
-food to eat
5.Crumbs under the table
-family meals
6.Grocery shopping
-money to provide for us
7.Toilets to clean
-indoor plumbing
8.Lots of noise
-people in my life
9.Endless questions about homework
-kids brains growing
10.Sore & tired in bed
-I'm still alive!
I came across this today while scrolling through my Facebook feed. Im not the author but whoever is, you are amazing. We should all have this positive outlook on life. I am so blessed!! By the way, if you request me on Facebook let me know you came from my blog so I wont deny you. Thanks for those who have recently added me, new readers and old readers who have been following along with my random lifestyle of a blog :)
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