Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Four Months

My angel is four months today!! Before you start to assume I've dropped the ball with her pictures, let me explain; She was wearing such a cute outfit buuuuuut she puked all over it, her play mat and just everywhere! In the midst of it all her chubby cheeks drew me in and Im that mom who takes pics of it all. She'll probably hate it as she gets older haha anywho, she had her physical today and shes in the 85% for height! Growth is on track. Olivia is going to be a tall girl. Model, basketball player...so excited to watch her grow and see what talent/gift she's been blessed with :) She's weighing in around 14lbs and she's 25inches long. At four months she's trying to hold her own bottle during feedings, Olivia laughs at her dad's baby voice, still sleeping all night, eating 6oz every 3 hours, grabs and pulls at all things set in front of her and is just an overall happy baby :) Im glad her hair is slowly making the transition from straight to curly. Not to mention she's got a ton of hair! Olivia sleeps peacefully in her bassinet until she realizes she's alone then mama comes to the rescue. Cuddle sesh and co-sleeping all day! haha this is about Olivia but before I was a mother I never understood the quote "I'll eat you up I love you so!". Now that I am a mother I totally get it. I love my baby!! I am extremely blessed :)
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Monday, September 28, 2015

Where do I begin?

Just like the title of this post, WHERE DO I BEGIN?? I know I moved and said it'd be a week before we got wifi and that I'd do a home tour buuuuuuut transitioning from an apartment to a 3bd 2.5bth house is cray! Back at the apartment all of our furniture and decor was just right. Bringing all that to the new house doesn't feel like enough...because it isn't! We've got an extra bedroom, a backyard, a giant living room(compared to our last), bigger bedrooms, bigger everything...ugh it's all so much compared to the apartment. Except my walk-in closet. That's actually A LOT smaller than the apartment and Im very disappointed. Oh well, Bryan will just get the hallway linen closet for his clothes ;) haha jk

I love this neigborhood because its so family friendly. You constantly see families walking around with their kids or jogging. We literally have a playground in our backyard! It's great. Super sad I dont have a Home Tour post ready like I'd hoped but I promise it's coming soon. Putting that on hold, a lot of other things have come up and I've just been so busy. Family parties, basketball games for Bryan, home decor shopping, drives to our families house, getting my shop items ready to sell(post about that tomorrow!) and Bryan is having out of state basketball games so yea...

Glad you're all here to follow along with my busy, never boring, crazy life :)

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Motivation for your Monday

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Thursday, September 17, 2015


We moved into a house! Still not technically ours but hey, we're getting there. It's hard to put down roots somewhere when I have such a demanding job. After 3 yrs, when I just start to get comfortable, its time for my transfer rotation. Sometimes people get lucky and spend their entire careers in one spot. Or at least for a back to back tour.
The reason I've been so here and there with my blog is for a couple reasons;
 1. We've been packing and moving into our new house
2. Working, all 3 of us have stuffy noses & a potentially teething baby just makes you exhausted 
3. My maternity orders at my current building are almost up(it's nearing transfer time) so I've been in my negotiating window trying to see if I can stay on the west coast. 
With that being said, sadly things dont always work out in my favor...we got orders to NEW ENGLAND!! Well, that district covers a lot of states/ areas but we're slated for Boston. Who knows, it could always be New York. I wont be certain until I report there. If nothing changes from now til then, I'll be enjoying an actual fall season across the country next year! Crazy!! So many things going on like, what about my husband? He has a good job here would he be able to find one just as good there? Ahhh!! If this isn't enough reason to be MIA I don't know what is. Oh and we wont have wifi or cable set up here for another week. Great! Haha what's the furthest move you've ever made? I'd love to hear :) I'll be back with a "home tour" post again once we have internet connected. See you all then!  
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Proposal

[Skit: Seinfeld & Wale]
Seinfield: Getting engaged is like getting, uh, it's the first hill of the roller coaster And you hear those clickers, the loud sound - this really violent, metal 'Chunka-chunka-chunka' and you go, "What, what's going on here," You know? "Boy this thing is really, really goes high!"
Wale: I'm looking down, 'Oh shit!'
Seinfield: And then you go over the top, the wedding is at the top. You go over the top, is the wedding and then you're just screaming
Wale: Even if you make plans you never think you're really ready for marriage?
Seinfield: No it's uh, it's like any growth. You're no- you can't be ready for it because tha- it's growth, it's gonna be new. It's gonna be new. You're gonna have a new life, you're gonna be a new person
from the song The Matrimony by Wale ft Usher

On this day last year I pulled in from a South American deployment. It was the first time Bryan had ever seen me pull in with my ship so I was super excited! On top of all that, he graduated last May from Montana Tech University & moved back to California. At that time I was living in Mississippi for work orders so we were still long distance. Before I left for our short South America trip he flew to the south to visit me :) In the part I was, New Orleans was an hour away one direction, Alabama was 30 min one way & Florida was an hour the other. SWEET!! Nice little trip.

Enough with the random side story haha We pulled in on the 15th last year and I couldn't wait to see him :) I'll admit, the short deployment was sorta stressful on our relationship. Im not sure if it was the anxiousness of finally living together and distance being over or maybe the devil trying to split us up. Who knows. But when I say I've got man strong in his faith I mean it! He doesn't believe in "breaks" or breakups. There have been many times that I've been too stressed and been like "UGH why are we even together?! Look how we argue!" then he'd go "We're together because God told us we'd be husband and wife so stop saying that! I love you" haha nobody is perfect. But he's perfcet for me :)

There I go with another side story! Stop me next time. But anyway, Once the brow was lowered and we were let off I left to go find him. When I saw him he had a bouquet of roses for me :) I asked a lady nearby if she could take a picture of us and once she did I was like "c'mon lets go home its hot out here" then he kept saying Hold on hold on. Me being the impatient person I am I was like "OMG lets GO its hot and Im hungry" and then he's like "Ah, well..I didn't wanna do this in front of everybody but you deserve it *drops down to one knee* Will You Marry Me?" The lady who took our first picture snatched my phone and took pics. If you know Bryan then you would know this is totally out of character haha He doesn't like being in the spotlight.. even tho he deserves to be(he's quite the comedian). I was SO shocked!! I had no idea, and i mean NO idea he would do this or that I would be engaged after the sweetest proposal :) I SAID YES!! and cried and he says I almost tackled him haha

Here we are a year later; married, a beautiful baby girl, good jobs, good health, a roof over a heads...God is so good! Im very blessed :)

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Fam Cam

A couple of my favorite people! I love how Olivia can bring a smile to everyone around her. I love my happy beautiful fat cheeked baby :) Sorry I've been so M.I.A lately, a lot has been happening but I cant wait to share. Be back soon!

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Motivation for your Monday

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Netflix & Chill

Because I've been doing that since Friday! I wrapped up one show and I've been binge watching the next. Since today is my Saturday, and my bed stewing will continue on, I'll share a few of my recommendations. Enjoy!
1. Narcos (episode series)
2. Bloodline (episode series)
3. Once Upon a time (episode series)
4. Happy (documentary)
5. Greys Anatomy (episode series)
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Saturday, September 5, 2015


For the Home
On Netflix
Sole Food
For Liv
Get In My Belly
I'll drink to that
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Friday, September 4, 2015


I've been M.I.A for nearly a week! Last time that happened was when Olivia was just born haha I would go two weeks at a time before I wrote a new post. But in the days I've been gone I was making my official transition back to work and getting use to having a nanny around. Both have gone smoothly so far thank God. Anddddddddd we're moving into our house in less than two weeks! So excited to shop for more decor to make it cozy :) OMG how could I forget that we're also in the process of choosing new work orders(for me)...out of the country, west coast, east coast......we'll have to be flexible. Ahh! Yea life is a little crazy, but in a good way, lately. That's what's currently going on in my world :) thankful and blessed!
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