Thursday, October 29, 2015

Little Things

The title of this post is called "Little Things" because makeup is one of the little things that makes me feel better. After Olivia of course! Today she is FIVE MONTHS!! My beautiful baby is 5 months! Time is definitely flying by. She's been at her grandparents house this entire week and everyday I want to cry because of how much I miss her :( the house is so much quieter without her giggles and screams and baby shows playing in the back. We see her Saturday and my family keeps telling me to enjoy this little vacay but I cant. An extra hour of sleep is cool but I would rather loose all my sleep and be up with Olivia. Can you tell I miss my baby :(( haha Ok so my original motive for this post was to talk about MY SHITTY DAY AT WORK and how makeup is one of many things that makes me happy but I got distracted thinking about my cutie. Im not a pro makeup artist just a girl who loves makeup. Youtube is everything for beginners! I didn't start wearing makeup til 5 years ago and just got somewhat "good" at it during my pregnancy. The above pic is from my SNAPCHAT: @campbellsoup010 of my bathroom sink. We have 3 bathrooms and I designated one for just me ;) I ultimately want a makeup vanity and I planned on making our 3rd bedroom my makeup room but my husband said no -_- Still working on a good argument to get my way or brainstorm an idea of how to utilize the space so we can both get what we want. Hope your day was better than mine! Did I mention I cant wait to see Olivia and take her 5 month pics so her post can go up?? Moms can you feel me on this? Im so dramatic I know haha
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