Thursday, April 30, 2015


Just when I thought we would get some rain Mother Nature decided to change her mind earlier in the week. Lovely. Of course I wanted beach days but I haven't gotten any yet. Everybody has the same idea I do so parking and traffic there sucks even though Im 20minutes away! Yeah, it SUCKS. On top of all that I really wanna bake buuuuuut I dont want the apartment to get even hotter. To bake or not to bake...that is the question. I found this super cute recipe on YouTube and Im tempted to just say screw it and bake in the heat haha All these colors + easy + the fact it's FOOD = Crystal. UGH cuteness overload! Oh well, if you decide to brave the heat and try this recipe before I do I'll put it up for you :)

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stuck On Repeat

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Have you ever heard the SAME thing said over and over by different people? Like, the SAME thing?? Sounding just like a broken record. Well lately that's what's been happening(at least that's how it seems). Bear with me Im trying not to make this post a vent session. So let me fill you in on a little short & sweet background info: there's this person who I didn't get along with back in high school...*insert typical girl drama* etc we graduated and tried to squash the drama but it felt forced & still really fresh so we kinda reverted back to not liking each other. Unlike most people from high school that you never see again, we actually would see each other again.

As the years went by I reached out to squash the drama, yet again. It worked for awhile(on social media) & things were cordial there. Remember how I said we'd run into each other again? We did in person and things were as awkward as ever. Maybe I was imagining stank faces, rude glares or just no conversation. I would nudge my husband like "did you see that?? what's her deal we smiled at her! why's she so fake??" & now comes the broken record part, "Well, she's just different. Either way you have to love her the same regardless of the attitudes you get." I still didn't get it. It happened a couple other times and I was just fed up trying to play Nancy Nice Pants. I started putting out the same energy I'd been getting and it didn't go unnoticed. *insert broken record here* "Crystal we live according to the word & God doesn't want us to treat people how they treat us" As much as I didn't wanna hear that I knew it was true.

Besides that whole little issue there's been other circumstances where I've basically heard the SAME thing.

"As long as you do your part and have a clean conscious it shouldn't matter if they love you back or show it the same way. That's what makes true love. Loving someone without expecting anything back. What if God judged you the same way you're acting? God has blessed us in a tremendous way, and we fail him time and time again. Im sure he gets frustrated and annoyed with us just like you're feeling. Yet He doesn't avoid us. He continues to love us and care for us even when we dont deserve it.....Anger and hurt, if you let it, will continue to grow into grudge and bitterness. And nobody should live in that. Its more for you and your life and of course your relationship with God"
(I actually got that text earlier but for a whole different reason than girl drama. I just felt it was applicable here) My good ol broken record playing again.

Obviously its a sign that things need to change. If I wanna see change on the outside I have to work on the inside. More prayer and listening to Gods word. Like FULLY listening to it. I appreciate the ones around me who see what I should work on and care to say it enough times so that it sticks. Trust me, Im not perfect...noooooo where near it! Im not saying Im gonna be Mother Teresa from this point on but I will try to work on living my life to better please God. & if that means swallowing my pride to be the bigger person I'll do it try to do it. Are you dealing with the same dilemma? If so we'll be on this journey of growth together! We can even share some tacos at the finish line ;) or whatever else is your cup of tea! Falling along the way is totally cool its how you get up that really matters. I'll share with you some scriptures that Im working on:

"Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you." Ephesians 4:32
"Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;" Luke 6:37
"Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth." 1 Corinthians 13:4-6
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Monday, April 27, 2015

Rob Strong

collage made by someone on Facebook
Since Saturday morning(aka my last post) alot has happened. That afternoon my father in law had the heart transplant we'd all been praying for!(which went well by the way) Lots of prayers and support from so much family & friends. Then yesterday we went to visit him at the hospital.
the flowers we got him.
Before we went in we had to wear a mask, gloves and a gown to make sure we didn't bring any germs inside with us.(that means flowers stayed in the car) I was sooooo surprised at how alert and talkative he was! If you didn't know he had just gotten a heart transplant then you probably wouldn't ever know based on how he was talking. God is good all the time.
my dad,myself & father in law 3yrs ago
not the best quality but the most recent picture a few months before he got admitted to the hospital
This is my mother in law who was always there for her husband. She makes me so proud and sets a really good example of how a wife stands by her husband "in sickness and in health" A really good role model to add to my list of STRONG WOMEN! I love you!! & with all that good that's come with patience and prayer I'll leave you with this quote I found. (alittle combo of motivational monday). Enjoy the start of your week!
I got this image off pinterest
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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Good Morning!

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Lately "sunny San Diego" hasn't been too sunny. Not that I have a problem with it but my mini vacation started yesterday & I was looking forward to some beach days. Oh well, hour long netflix sessions are just as good! My brother in law and husbands good friend have been here since Thursday and obviously he's been very excited. Reminds me of when my sister stayed with us for almost a week and all the laughs we shared. Last night we all went to dinner and then the mall before my husband had to get back home for work. Yay for my vacation and sleeping in! LOL be back later with another post.
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Thursday, April 23, 2015


At work today our Diversity Team put on a Holocaust remembrance presentation. Its such a sad part of history...& listening to it with preggo emotions at an all time high wasn't any better. My eyes got so watery to the point I ultimately left before it was over. But anyway, that presentation reminded me of a movie I had seen a looooooooooong time ago.
It's my moms favorite and one of mine too. Despite having to do with the Holocaust & all that surrounds it, the father uses humor to protect his son while they're in the camp. Cant explain too much without giving it all away. Its a tear jerker forsure (You'll laugh too. I promise Im not sending you to watch a sad documentary). & I just found out its on Netflix so Im watching it as I type. If you dont mind watching an almost 2hr movie in Italian while reading subtitles you wont regret it. Pinky swear!
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

You DONUT know how much I love you...

Basically what I said to the new boppy I got.
My friend who missed the shower surprised me with gifts for Olivia & did a great job! She was like, "Sorry I missed your shower but I got this because I know how much you love donuts". Umm, is there another way for me to say thankyou so much you're perfect?! She also got Olivia a pink Jordan onesie set & matching Jordan booties because she knew my husband had really hoped for a boy first haha. OH, I have no idea where she found it but she wrote the sweetest note in the sweet pea card! I always get so lucky with a great group of friends :) they just KNOW me. Officially gonna crave donuts even more now. No shame ;)
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Witch Doctor

So, a couple weeks ago my coworker messaged me in a group text raving about essential oils and I was like hmmm, dont know what this is but I'll ask her when I see her at work(ya know, to avoid the whole group text million man replies) Once I got around to asking her she explained everything and had me pretty much sold by the end of it. She explained all the benefits, how all natural it was and explained the benefits of it during pregnancy. Yes, DURING PREGNANCY! & POST PREGNANCY FOR THE BABY!! Immediately I was like girrrrrrl get me some! Ever since then I've been hooked.(Obviously before you use anything on your body during preganancy you should clear it with your midwife/Dr) My favorite oil of the 3 from the kit is Lavender.

I've used it as many ways as I can. It seems like everyday I read an article about more benefits or my friend brings in more info for me. So funny because the more she learns the more Im asking her for home remedies and a reminder of how to combine oils to get the best use. Whenever she talks about them you would think she was Hermione Granger studying for a potions final haha I can laugh all I want but these are really great and safe alternatives to everything. Enough of my little rave. Im no expert on essential oils nor am I looking to benefit. Just really obsessed with these. Like, really obsessed. Buuut I can point you to my friend Christina. She's a Wellness Advocate for this and my own personal "witch doctor" haha she even bought me a diffuser! Thanks again by the way!!  
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Olivia's Baby Shower

Those were a couple details of the shower before guests started to show. Our theme was Sweet Pea but since its spring we incorporated the theme with flowers. "Like a sweet pea tucked safely away a little baby is blooming today" Every detail was perfect, handmade and inexpensive. My cousins Maricela & Priscilla brought the super yummy pastries all the way from LA! Chocolate & horchata flavored mini cupcakes & the strawberry/banana filled tres leches cake was sooo good!!
A couple pics with our friends and family from the shower. Still getting all the pics from people because I was so busy making my rounds catching up with loved ones who showed up. I had 3 friends who drove up from San Diego to attend our shower and it really meant alot. True friends!
We got showered with so much love and gifts for our daughter! So appreciative of everything we receieved. Olivia will be the cutest dressed baby on the block thanks to our family and friends! ;) We got alot of the big things on our registry AND more!! We requested books instead of cards to help build Olivia's mini library. Cant wait to start reading them all to her. We also held a "diaper raffle" so everyone who brought a bag of diapers was entered to win. The prize was a 50$ gift certificate to Red Lobster. Our friend Julie was the winner :) Even the dogs were dressed up haha Overall, so blessed with all the love surrounding us yesterday. Thankyou!  

The parents-to-be & Olivias blended grandparents. She's got a Jamaican grandpa, a Mexican grandma, a Black grandma & a White grandpa. Our daughter will just be one big mix of culture and cuteness :) Unfortunatly, my father in law couldn't make the shower because he's been in the hospital awaiting a heart. He was there in spirit and we love him more than anything. If you come from a praying backround please add him in your prayers. There's a fund to help the family with all the unexpected financial burdens that pop up along the way & to donate just click the link in my sidebar
Olivia's daddy & mommy :) Cant wait to meet you baby girl! Thankyou again for all  the help we recieved planning a shower and all the love. We're so blessed!

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