Monday, June 1, 2015

Olivia's Birth Story

I cant believe we made such a beautiful baby :) Actually, I can haha 10 toes, 10 fingers, a full set of hair, all of her body parts exactly where they blessed. But this is Olivia's Birth Story so lets get into that...

On Thursday the 28th I went into work like any other day. I hadn't been feeling contractions or had any sign my labor would start later that evening. I ate normally and had felt her kicks like usual. Once I got off work I went into my usual routine of lazy haha tv, pinterest, the works ;) My husband sometimes plays in a local men's basketball league so after his workout he left for that in the afternoon. Around 7pm I got off the couch to get a snack and when I did I felt a little leakage. Me thinking I probably just peed on myself a little (hey, it happens often when you're preggo) I went to the bathroom. I did pee but "water" kept coming. I hovered over the toilet some more and was like uhhh..this isn't normal. I didn't wanna believe my water broke because my husband wasn't home. Like, how am I getting to the hospital?? How am I even gonna get a hold of him?? What if I have the baby here?!! I pulled up my sweats and 5 min later they were soaked. water definitely broke. I called and left multiple messages on Bryan's phone but still no answer. I didn't even know what gym the game was being played at so my stress level went way up! I made a round of calls and texts to my family letting them know what happened. Then I called a local friend to see if she could take me but she was just getting off work so again, no luck. Not long after Bryan called me back saying he was on his way and would be here in 10min. Relief.

Close to 8pm we got to the hospital, they checked the fluid to confirm my water actually broke, then I was in bed wearing a hospital gown with an iv connected and baby heart rate monitor attached to my stomach. I was around 5cm dilated when we checked in but wasn't having major contractions. We sat and waited for my body to do it's thing and make progress. The next time I was checked I was close to 7cm dilated and my contractions were pretty strong...and PAINFUL. Explaining pain on a scale of 1-10 was unreal! I held out as long as I could because I did try to go natural. By 4am the pain became unbearable and I caved in...I asked for an epidural. Right after I got it, like RIGHT AFTER, the nurse checks me and says "Hey you're 10cm ready to push! You didn't even need the epidural!!" Nice to know lady. So if you're like me and ready to cave in have them check you FIRST.

An hour of numb pushing later our daughter was born crying at 0542am :) I was so happy and relieved that I didn't realize the tears of joy running down my face. They placed her right on my chest for skin to skin contact once she came out. She laid there and I stared at her for an unknown amount of time. One doctor was down there stitching me up, a nurse was imputing information on the computer and two trainees were standing by to help the doctor as needed. Then one trainee asked for the baby to clean her up etc and as soon as he picked her up the nurse on the computer looked over and said "That baby looks limp!" She ran out and called for a team and 2 seconds later 10 people ran in the room surrounding the warmer where our daughter was. More and more people ran into the room and I couldn't help but hysterically cry. I didn't know what happened all I could hear was them counting out chest compressions like they were doing CPR and them talking about 'no pulse! low pulse!'. Still laying in bed I scanned the room for my husband and couldn't make eye contact with him because I saw he had been backed into a corner with all the people in the room. Nurses saw me crying uncontrollably and looking on in confusion at what was happening so a couple came by to calm me down and block my view. What was happening? Why is this happening? Nothing came to mind.

Eventually I heard her cry and the nurses moved away so the team can show me Olivia crying on her own and moving fine. They told us they were taking her to the NICU for observations and tests. Bryan came to my side once they left to reassure me that everything was gonna be ok and that God was watching over us so dont worry. He went to see her after and I was left alone in the room. I cried more but prayed and thanked God for everything. Bryan came back with pictures and updates saying she was doing just fine. I started to feel a lot better. Still numb from the epidural I couldn't see her yet or even try to breast feed her. That bummed me out but then family showed up and wheeled me into the NICU so I can see my baby.

We got word from the team of what happened and basically, nobody cleaned out her throat fully. Assuming since she came out crying that everything was fine they put her on my chest without suctioning her mouth. If you want skin to skin bonding MAKE SURE they clean your baby out FIRST. She stayed in the NICU for tests and observations until 2am but even then every 4hrs a doctor would come check her vitals and temp and they'd do more tests. The plus side was that she was with me in the room so I couldn't complain. Once all her tests came back normal we got discharged Sunday afternoon and I felt so good! Not physically but just to be out of the hospital with our healthy baby girl felt like I won the lotto. Since Bryan and I are first time parents there is tons of learning in store for us! For example, we searched YouTube to find a video on how to firmly install a carseat haha Cant wait for more learning experiences! Now Olivia is at home eating and sleeping fine :) Im still letting my body heal and my husband is as excited as I am that our girl is home. If you've made it this far congrats! I tend to be a chatty cathy sometimes...sorry bout it.

So thankful and blessed with all the love surrounding our daughter. Friends and family you are appreciated!

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