Monday, May 9, 2016

Where I've been

I sort of took an impromptu vacation from blogging. At first I had planned to document everything then life got really cray and I figured if I at least updated my Instagram (@crystalbock) that those who follow my blog can still be somewhat connected. Another reason I sort of went MIA was because I lost my laptop charger and could not find it anywhere in the house :( Until recently it was lost in oblivion then a few days ago I just rechecked a spot I'd triple checked before and THERE IT WAS! I think I was being set up haha but the break from blogging was nice. Before I was so focused on making sure I took a good "blog" photo when we were out that I annoyed everyone...oops haha well since so much has happened I wont make this post extra long & I'll eventually make separate posts for some stuff. So, lets get to it!
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