Thursday, October 22, 2015

Home Tour: Kitchen/ Dining Area

So I decided to do my Home Tour post into split sections. Not only do I wanna show you our new place but I want to highlight certain things from each space(rhyming was totally not planned). Andddddddddddd Im still not ready for a complete tour post yet haha By splitting it up I can take my time.

Well, this is where we DONT eat any of our food haha When family comes over we do use it tho. When it's just Bryan, Olivia and I we cook dinner and eat it on the couch watching tv. Really bad on our part because we have carpet and Im the messiest eater. Ask my husband. Shoot, ask anybody! We do have little tv tray tables to eat on...ya know, to minimize the mess. Moving on, I plan on making that a collage wall. As you can see from my snapchat file pic(SC:campbellsoup010) with the drawn on imaginary pictures, that's my plan. Eventually. My parents had those bar stools in the backyard from YEARSSSSSS ago just collecting dust and when we moved into our first apartment my mom totally fixed em up to match our kitchen table. Thanks Mom you da bomb!

The actual kitchen is kinda lame in my opinion. Lovely and bigger than our last but who really wants to see my stove? Or my large number of chips stacked on the microwave? Or the sink filled with dirty dishes?? Yea, thought so. I just wanted to focus on our fridge. Covered in some magnets from my travels overseas, Polaroids, calendar with yummy pics, message board and marriage notes(post on that soon). Every morning when I get in my word I try to write down a new verse for the board. I would show you the inside of the fridge but I know I'd roll my eyes listening to comments about how I need "healthier" food inside haha Just let me enjoy my ice cream in the freezer and all my non paleo meal preps! haha I'll list some of the stores we shopped to make this area ours. Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading and see you on my next home tour post :)

Kitchen Table: Walmart
Floral centerpiece: Ikea
'Love the Wine your with', "B" marquee letter & 'Home is where the heart is': ROSS
Fridge clips: Target
Dry erase board: Target
Calendar: Target
sig photo sig.jpg_zpskvut99wu.png

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