Monday, August 24, 2015

God Is Good!

STORY TIME!! Ok, so my job had a 6 week paid maternity leave policy then you must return to work. I was scheduled to go back to work mid July and two weeks before that I was stressing because we hadn't found a sitter. How can I trust a stranger with my 6 week old baby?? With all the cruel people in the world and being scarred by nanny horror videos on facebook I planned on using my vacation time to stay home longer with Olivia. Well, all my stressing was evident to my husband so he kept telling me to keep praying about it and reassuring me, like always, that things would work out. I cast all my cares on the Lord and BOOM! The Friday before I was scheduled to go back my job changed the policy! We got an additional 12 weeks paid leave added onto our 6!!! So thankful and blessed! Im not using it all right now because I miss working but the extra time I did take helped a lot!

Now, our apartment lease was set to expire this August and our rent had been 1525$ a month with no utilities. To stay there another year our rent would increase by another 170$! To go month to month would be 1700$, a 200$ month to month fee and NO utilities. Yea, San Diego is expensive!! We looked on Craigslist for cheaper but nothing had what we wanted. Getting discouraged, I started to just say screw it lets stay here another year. Then one day my husband found a neighborhood in the perfect location, perfect price and it was an actual HOUSE! Although we'd be renting, the wait for the house was 1-3 months and we just found this place a month ago. Grrrrrrreat. More stress buildup...where would we stay once we had to be out of our apartment? Would family be able to come down and help move? Ugh! Can you tell I stress out easy?? haha But God blessed me with a husband strong in his faith and as always he reminds me to get in prayer even more. We both did and that brings me to the reason for this post; WE GOT A MOVE IN DATE!! We wouldn't be homeless when the lease is up!! SOOO BLESSED!! :D

If there's one thing I'm constantly reminded of its to put my trust in the Lord and His timing. Whenever I start to get stressed I just need to pray about it and put it in Gods hands. He's always watching out for us. God is good all the time! All the time God is good!

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." -Matthew 6:36
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