Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Oniochalasia:(n.)buying or shopping as a method of stress relief or relaxation.
Better known to most girls as Retail Therapy. Today I was feeling blah so when my husband got home from work I left to go shopping! Originally I had only planned on going to buy my daughter a dress but then one thing led to another and I was in ULTA. NOOOOOO!! For someone trying to save money that is not the place to be haha kidding! I ended up finding a lot of cool things on clearance and then just bought some new makeup products to try. While on maternity leave I've been addicted to watching YouTube makeup tutorials! Over here thinking Im a pro haha In a future post I plan on compiling all my fav videos for you all so stay tuned :) I took a pic of the stuff I got at ULTA and if you've tried any let me know!

1. Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Eye Pillow. MY FAVORITE buy! and it was on clearance for $5.99. Loving the lavender + chamomile smell. Mama like ;)

2. NYX finishing powder in the shade Banana. I got this to try because I've heard tons of good things.

3. it's a 10 leave in hair treatment. My most expensive purchase :( Buuuut it works! A friend recommended it not too long ago so I got a sample size and fell in love. Therefor I went ahead and bought a bigger bottle.

4. Cell phone Mirror. My last iPhone case had a mirror on the back and when I upgraded to the iPhone6 my new case didn't have one. Im not sure about you but I always need a booger check and the camera doesn't always help.

5.Maybelline Baby Skin instant pore eraser. Inexpensive primer that works great for me!

6. Island Pineapple Bath Confetti. We all need a nice looking bathtub for those "relaxation" selfies haha and on clearance for $1.49!

7. Maybelline Fit Me foundation in the shade coconut. I got this to try a different contour technique I saw in a video. Lets hope it works!

8. Almay oil free eye removing makeup pads. MUST have! and both containers of 80 pads each were on clearance for $2.97

9. Tropical Coconut bubble bath. For my baths duh! I plan on christening our new master bathroom tub with this as I enjoy ME TIME

10. Blending Sponge for makeup. The old one had been through too many applications.

11. Ardel "Demi" lashes. I have yet to master the falsies thing since my own are pretty long but I still got some to try

^my real lashes by the way!^ one of my makeup attempts and some contacts ;)
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