Monday, August 10, 2015


This weekend I met up with my good friend Shelby for dinner and a night out! It was officially my first time out with no baby and no hubby since I had Olivia back in May!!(Bryan was on daddy duty) Ok so Shelby had only tried sushi one time before Saturday and I was literally shocked! haha I love sushi, spicy tuna rolls waddup! I decided we should hit up this place I'd been to downtown called Bang Bang. Its part club part restaurant and the atmosphere is soo cool. Aside from the good food(try the Gosling and Hello Kitty rolls) the bathroom stalls are themed. The best one and most notorious is the Ryan Gosling bathroom! haha you definitely have to hit up Bang Bang if you love sushi and are in San Diego. MAKE RESERVATIONS!! We didn't have any but it seems like whenever I go I get really lucky and seated quick. Saturday we got seated at the same table(opposite end) as a really nice couple and their coworker from out of town. Out of nowhere they were like "Hey we got you guys a sake bomb to take with us". Sidenote: "sake bomb" is where you drop a sake shot into a glass of beer and chug it! They taught us how to count to three in Japanese then we all drank. So fun and slightly messy haha that caused us to make conversation with them and they were seriously really nice people. When Shelby and I asked for our check the waiter was like "I dont know if that couple told you but they paid for your bill" SHOCKED was an understatement. We thanked them tremendously and then left to see what the night brought. Walking along the streets of downtown we were offered to participate in a club/bar crawl for 20$ and we got into like 5 clubs with a free shot at one. We took it and had fun going place to place until we felt it was time to call Bryan to pick us up. Either way, girls night was a success and so fun! planning another in the near future :)
in the bathroom at Parq nightclub with those girls you bond with for epic selfies later
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