Wednesday, August 5, 2015

OB: Day 2

Yesterday my mom, sister & youngest brother drove down to SD to visit us! Wait, let me correct myself, they came to visit OLIVIA! haha they really did! Or at least that was the joke yesterday ;) We hung out at my place and watched movies then ate the dinner they brought. After debating, like always, about what our plans were gonna be after we ate we came up with the beach. Ocean Beach has a really long boardwalk and since they've never been,and I didn't walk it the day before, we went there. I figured walking the cliffs would be too hard on my mom anyway(she still suffers from a leg injury she got years ago). We talked and laughed the whole time and later that night they drove back home. OH, my brother started his first day of Senior year today :) LOVE my family!
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