Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day!

Today we honor all the amazing superhero women in our lives who have influenced us somehow. It takes a lot to raise a child and be a good example to not only your children but those who you come across. I thank God for blessing me with amazing women in my life and for prepping me to be a good mother.
my mother & mother in law at our high school graduation
My beautiful mother. There is so much she's taught me without even realizing it. I appreciate her so much! As a teen I wasn't my loveliest but she never gave up on me and always disciplined me to stay on the right track. There is so much I can say about her but she already knows because I call her all the time to remind her. She's become my bestfriend and I go to her with a lot of my questions. One day I called her to ask how to tell if my chicken was done cooking haha With no hesitation she helped me out and always reminds us that her phone is on 24/7 if we need her. LOVE YOU MOMMY!
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