Sunday, May 17, 2015

Vitamin SEA

Mission Beach
Ocean Beach
This morning was such a nice day I figured I'd take advantage of it and hit the beach! FINALLY right??! & not only did I go to one beach I went to TWO! Probably some of my favorites to just chill and workout. My version of working out this far along in pregnancy is more like "power-WADDLING" haha collectively I power waddled 5 miles. My body definitely didn't react in the most pleasant way. As I write this post Im laying in bed cringing every time I have to roll over and move. But being at the beach was so worth it. The atmosphere of beach towns, the smell of the ocean, watching the surfers and waves...hands down the best part. Cant wait to bring Olivia here. My hometown was an hour away from the nearest beach and even though that's considered close I like the fact I now live 20 minutes away from 4 beaches! I love San Diego :) I really wanna move closer to both of our families (our hometown) but then that would mean having to "plan" a beach day instead of just picking up and driving 20 minutes to one. Choices choices..... The beach offers so much clarity and peace. As cliche as it sounds it's true. Grab a book and find a spot in the sand & you'll be more into that book reading there than reading at a library.
After my beach adventures I came home to my hard working husband whose been enjoying his day off lounging around and napping haha Im the early riser here. Since I got up so early I grabbed a quick breakfast on my way to the beach and brought him back some iHop on my way home. Remember that part where I mentioned my body was sore? Yeah, I've just been a glob of mush and lazy along with him haha watching movies and eating junk food. The good life ;) Maybe not the healthiest but we all need a cheat day right? & what are Sundays for if you dont take advantage of them and charge your battery for the week to come.
lazy day lounging with my husband
What'd you do for your weekend? Hopefully recharged and are ready for tomorrow! See you on my next post :)
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