Friday, May 8, 2015

"Allow yourself to let go of your worries..."

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Two blog posts in one day? Who am I?? Kidding! But my friend Shelby put up a really good quote on her blog I wanted you all to read. Coincidentally I've been stuck on a bible verse (Matthew 6:34) that has a lot to do with worrying. My new friend 'Anxiety' showed up and wont leave so I've turned to the word to help me rid myself of the unwelcome guest. EVERYTHING under the sun has me stressing about the next day or the future. I hide it pretty well though *pats self on back*. Growing a human life is no joke! You think about everything; "Who will the baby look like? What if I forget my kid in the store? What if somebody kidnaps my baby? Am I really prepared to be a parent? Should I stay in San Diego? I just ate, should I eat again? Wash my face now or go to sleep...Where's my retainer? Why do I suck at sports? What's the hype about football? What am I gonna wear tomorrow? Should I do my makeup and take a selfie? Wear my hair natural or straighten it?". Anything and everything that can go through my mind has already or will soon! The quote my friend put up and the bible verse combined let me know God's doin work and I need to keep on doing mine. If you've got any other bible verses to help I'd love to hear what they were :) Til next time! or later tonight who knows haha
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