Tuesday, May 5, 2015


translation: Happy Fifth Of May Gentleman and Ladies!
photo taken by me
Today as we may or may not know is 1. Taco Tuesday 2. my favorite day & 3. The day Mexico defeated Napolean III's French forces on May 5th 1862 at the Battle of Puebla. (Just in case you got confused and thought it was Mexico's Independence Day)that day is September 16. In honor of this celebration landing on Taco Tuesday I decided to make Oreo candy tacos(because of my massive sweet tooth now) and a "Mamarita" (alcohol free because I cant have the real deal yet). They came out super good! Will I ever make them again? My mocktail, Yes. My Oreo candy tacos, NOOOOOO! They were good and look really cute but I hate the mess it made and I hated dealing with the sticky candy. Not to mention my "taco shells" kept falling apart. No bueno! If you dont mind the hassle of all that then go ahead and try it. Aside from how time consuming it was(for me) it made for good pictures. I set up my little picture booth and snapped some pics before eating all my hard work. I found the recipe for them here. For the Mamarita I got the recipe from the book called Preggatinis by Natalie Bovis Nelson.
you can buy the book here. comes in Kindle & paperback
For all my preggo mamas that want to sip on the occasional "mocktail" at parties or just anywhere I highly recommend this book! Plus, the names to some of the drinks are hilarious and based off pregnancy terms. I just rimmed my margarita glass with red and green sprinkles then used white granulated sugar. For a better presentation I recommend using a different type of white sugar because mine practically was non existent in the picture. I set it up so the colors flowed with the Mexican flag and voila! Perfection :) Well I hope you enjoy your today and enjoy lots of Mexican food. :) If you try the recipes out let me know, I'd like to believe Im not the only one who didn't like the hassle of the tacos haha Adios Amigos!
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