Sunday, May 24, 2015

Weekend story

Since my last post I found out I was 3cm dilated. My midwife said in the next two days we'd be holding our little girl. Well, here I am 4 days later and no baby! Ugh the frustration and anticipation is killing me!! Guess this baby is gonna be a little jokester like her dad the way she keeps playing with us. "I'm coming out today! No wait, just kidding ;)"

But anyway, my mother in law and sister in law drove down to visit us for a couple days :) So grateful for their support. We went to the beach and hung around and chilled. We also got help and things from Costco we wouldn't have time to get once the baby gets here. When they left we had a cleaner kitchen than when they came! haha Really enjoyed them here :)

selfie stick selfie after leaving the beach with the family

The day they left my husband and I didn't really do much after. (If you couldn't tell by now I've gone into lazy panda mode this last month of pregnancy). However, the following day we did make plans after Bryan's workout. I'd been craving beignets ever since I left the south last July so we decided to try Bud's Louisiana Cafe. We were not disappointed! Ok maybe the portion size for the piece of chocolate cake my husband got was too small but I got plenty of beignets! ;) Indoor and outdoor seating but its recommended you make reservations and double check the hours because they're a little wacky. The menu was medium priced and since I wanted more than one thing I got small portions in the Cajun jambalaya and red beans and rice. They were soooo good and the small portions surprisingly filled me up. Its pretty heavy. Here are some pics from our dinner:

Husband & I
red beans and rice & Cajun jambalaya
Heaven on Earth...BEIGNETS!!

Today I got surprised with "Hey when I get back from my workout we can go to the mall and you can pick out anything. I'll buy it" anybody would be all for it but being that he likes to play pranks I was like 'hmmm what's the catch??' B- "No catch. you just deserve something nice for carrying our daughter for 9 months." I was still skeptical for about another 5min then the sweetness came pouring down & washed any ounce of skeptisism away. I've been blessed with a great man :) For what would count as my near 'push present' I just picked out some makeup. I would have fed my shoe addiction or picked out clothes but obviously nothing fits me and my feet are too swollen haha We grabbed something quick to eat on the way back so he can catch the Cavs game and rest up for work. Despite Olivia playing peek a boo with her arrival the days that followed weren't so bad.

My little family. BLESSED :)
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