Friday, May 1, 2015

Then & Now

A couple years ago(3 to be exact) everyone at work under 26 had to take a class on "Making smart decisions". At the time it was really boring. I was just glad we got out of work for 3 days haha For our final homework assignment we had to make a collage of our lives now & on the back we had to make a collage of where we see our lives in the future. Not to toot my own horn or anything but mine was the best out of the entire class. ;) Mostly because I love crafts and standing out. (I get really festive and decorate our apartment to match the holidays of the month)...sorry not sorry! Today I was cleaning out the guest bedroom to prep for the baby and in my chaos scattered on the floor I found my collages. Looking back at them I saw how close my life matched to what I predicted 3 years ago. So cool I actually wanna make another one. It's my version of a goal list..but visual. Instead of writing them down I can reflect on my life currently and set goals for what I want to see in my future. I figured I'd share em. Remember, it's never too late to start a goal list. Dont wait for the beginning of the year to make things happen. Enjoy!
"Now" side: My(then)boyfriend Bryan, beach bum pic symbolizing me living in Hawaii, 'Pray for our military' because God was apart of my life, my parents picture + stick figure drawing of my siblings because family over everything(duh!), food drawing because I've always been a big foodie, shoe pic because I LOVE HEELS, camera because I live for a good picture, Lana Del Rey because she's one of my favorite artists(her voice is perfection), lipstick + party +girly because who doesn't love getting dressed up??!
"Future" side: BOCK in bold because I knew that was going to be my new last name ;), basketball replacing the O because it's still a big part of our lives, a pic of us + a 'Mrs&Mr' pic because I knew we'd marry each other, Cali because hellooo Im a Cali girl, double heels because I've doubled my collection, money because I got promoted, car drawing because I upgraded to a newbie, vogue + hello style because I love it, still loving my camera(I have 2 DSLRs & a Polaroid & a phone with no room for more pics),the house..ehh I dont own one like I planned but ultimately living together and growing our family is great, Romans 8:28 because I love how true that verse is , Lana is still ma girl & God is my number one.
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