Sunday, May 17, 2015

Queen Of Coney Island
Those who know me know that Lana Del Rey is one of my favoooooooooorite female artists. Actually, she's like, my ONLY favorite female artist. Of course I bump other divas music but something about Lana forever draws me in. Well last night I saw her perform for the Endless Summer Tour! A couple of my girls(+ Sam's Husband) & I bought last minute tickets and had a great time. The weather had been pretty up and down so we hoped Mutha Earth would be on our side. Guess she must have loved listening to an angel too because it all turned out great! Lana's voice is so soft and smooth and perfect. Ugh seriously so in awe of how someone can have such a great voice. She sounds even better live! We sat/stood on the lawn at the Sleep Train Amphitheater and listened with ears of appreciation. Courtney Love Cobain opened for her. Honestly, I had never heard of her before today. Her music wouldn't be my go-to but she put on an interesting (and possibly drunk) show haha. I only have a couple crappy quality cellphone pics because my phone died mid show! Just know, you will not be disappointed by going to one of her concerts.
If this is the first time your hearing about Lana allow me to be the first to introduce your ears to good music. Let me share my top fav songs by her:
1. This is what makes us girls
2. Born to die
3. Off to the races
4. Blue jeans
5. Pepsi cola
6. Serial Killer
I can probably list every song on her albums but listen to those and if you aren't a fan after that probably cant ride in the car with me because you wont enjoy the ride haha Be back soon with another post later!
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