Friday, May 8, 2015


photo taken by me
First things first, HAPPY FRIDAY!! Hopefully you've had a good week and if not I hope next weeks is better :) I've been home alone for all of about ehh 24hrs and when I am I do random things. Like power clean as if I were superwoman and make chocolate dipped strawberries for no apparent reason. Since it's spring(and RAINING, really RAINING hard) I tried to theme the decorations around it. I only took a picture of the pretty looking ones because Im no expert at any of this stuff haha I just try to get the pretty factor on at least four and when I do Im like screw it Im hungry who cares how these come out! Thankfully I take pictures before I eat them and now Im sharing for you to enjoy :) I just used basic Hershey white chocolate chips, melted them and dipped my berries. No brain work needed. Then I added green food coloring to the left over and TRIED to make nice neat lines to add decoration. You be the judge of how that came out! Well, Im just gonna chill the rest of today and watch Netflix or find a book to read. If you've got any book recommendations or movies shoot em my way :)
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