Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wanderlust: NEW YORK

Wanderlust: A strong desire to wander and explore the world

As you may or may not know by now Im 38 weeks pregnant!(well as of tomorrow) Being that Im so pregnant I've had a lot of idle time to Pinterest and watch entire tv series(about New York). Since we didn't have a baby moon this pregnancy because of everything going on we're(ok, more me) planning a vacay post baby. With my job I've been blessed to visit more countries than most people ever see in a life time in the western pacific, south america & in the middle east. As much as I wanna go overseas to European countries(haven't been yet) I've had such a strong urge to visit New York. East coast period! Never been but I love it already. I wanna enjoy the season from a different point of view, wear cute scarves and boots if we go in the fall, walk through central park, visit all five boroughs, eat all this yummy food and visit all the spots my favorite characters did in their show.

Times Square
Brooklyn Bridge

In the beginning I mentioned my binge tv series watching so I'll list my favorite shows based out of New York. These should make you fall in love with it too:

-The City
-Gossip Girl
-Sex & the City
-Law & Order: SVU
Until I can go to one of my dream spots I'll continue to wanderlust. OH! & for my fellow readers that have a sweet tooth and love for donuts I found a great article on the best donut shops in NYC! Thank me later! ;) Are you planning a trip anywhere or have been to NY? Feel free to shoot your fave spots or travel tips my way! Let this post spark the traveler inside and get out and go somewhere! :)
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