Monday, July 6, 2015

Im Feelin 22!

Ok ok maybe not me but today is my sister's birthday! Christy is now 22 :) She had to spend it at school today but we surprised her with a small cake and cupcakes. I had nothing on hand to blind fold her with so I used a sock...hey, it was clean! Our youngest brother Kyle burned his finger lighting the candles and it was so funny we almost ruined the surprise by laughing so hard haha Christy is finishing up college to become an RN and we're all really proud of her :) She's my best friend, she reads my mind, laughs at what I do, (almost) likes everything I do...she cracks me up all the time and has a really strong personality once she opens up. Happy Birthday again sister we love you!

I'll end this post and let you all enjoy some Taylor Swift. This song is so fitting for today ;)
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