Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sweet Stroke

pic from my snapchat! follow me: @campbellsoup010
Tonight Olivia and I went to watch Bryan play in his championship game for the local team he plays on. He did so good! Watching him play brings back so many memories...we've been together since higschool so I've cheered him on then, in college and now in all local leagues but with our baby girl! So fun :) I get really into the whole support system and get so many things customized to show my support. I wish I had pictures of all my cool outfits haha maybe I'll find them and post some pics later. They barelyyyyyy lost the game and the team they played had gone undefeated. Definitely gave them a run for their money! So proud to be his wife and I'm glad to share my superstar with our daughter. His number one fans! :)
****WE LOVE YOU****
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