Monday, July 6, 2015

Dinner & a Movie

Another date night in the books for us. We've been at our parents house and I cant tell you how thankful & blessed we are to have a family who loves us enough to babysit little Olivia so we can have some dates. They all love her and constantly express how it really isn't a problem and encourage us to get out with each other. It strengthens our bond as a married couple to have "us" time without getting distracted by the needs of our daughter. I mean, I can cater to her all day and not get tired of it. Thats the mom in me...but it can often overshadow the wife in me so dates are always great. Our dinner was really good and we had some meaningful  chats. The movie choice was all me ;) I heard a ton of good things about it and to my surprise I cried at the end. Yes, THAT GOOD! So relatable and true to life. Bryan says he didn't wanna watch it but his reactions during the movie told me he enjoyed it more than he thought he would...although he might not admit it to me haha HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS! If you have any other movies you recommend I'd love to know :)  
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