Friday, July 24, 2015

Two Months

at home pictures by me
Olivia Anne is TWO MONTHS! She weighs 10lbs 15oz and is 23in long(that was 2weeks ago...she's probably more now). She gets her vaccinations next week. She is allergic to milk so we had to switch to soy. Our hungry little hippo eats between 4-6oz each feeding :) Liv STILL has a head full of STRAIGHT hair! She follows our voices with her eyes, loves Baby Einstein and Wallykazam Wallykazoo haha Every night after her last feeding she stays awake to hear a prayer from her little prayer book(we got it at the baby shower from our cousin) then she falls asleep. She's sleeping through the night :D (yay us!) When her diaper is dirty she will let everyone know in the best way she knows how, CRY! She loves being naked and lounging around. But she doesn't mind getting dolled up :) Olivia LOVES baths! This month she's been many places but just loves a good walk with family around the house or anywhere she can lift her head to look. She laughs and smiles alot more now(I didn't catch them in pictures tho, she was in diva mode). So many new things are going on with her Im blessed to watch her grow :) love you!!
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