Thursday, July 2, 2015


Yesterday was my first time at a fair! (that I can remember). I mostly wanted to go for the food because anything fried is always a good idea ;) Bryan's best friend and my sister Christy have been here visiting so we decided to go out. The fair was the girls idea obviously haha leave it up to them we'd be stuck in the house all day. Not that its wrong(Im the biggest couch potato) but the fair ends this weekend so we wanted to catch it before that. All day it had been humid and looked like it was gonna rain so we chanced it and went around the afternoon. I dont know what I was thinking or what idea I had in my head but fairs are expenive! I had a Charlotte's Web idea that it was all free and just pie contests, games and good food. Food-check. Games-check. Didn't see so many pie contests. More booths selling useless nick nacks, car promotions and trip giveaways. Not bad but not the idea I had in my head. Ride tickets- an arm and a leg! Thankfully our package came with some but not enough to ride nearly as many as we wanted. There were dirt bike races, a mini farm and a bull show thing. We enjoyed our share of fair food and then grabbed Chipotle on our way home(to save our pockets) haha it sprinkled alittle on us but wasnt too bad. Olivia slept most of the time and the guys tried their luck with the basketball games but were unsuccessful. They claim the hoops were fixed but who knows...haha good time over all :) 
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