Tuesday, July 21, 2015


a pic from last year in Peru
I finally got around to meeting up with one of my really good friends.(She drove all the way out to my baby shower) She's always stuck around despite how crazy our schedules got. We've got a pretty solid age gap but we just gel and can talk forever! It was her first time meeting Olivia in person and we met up in La Jolla at Sprinkles! What pregnant girl doesn't love cupcakes right? haha not me but SHE'S pregnant!! Baby coming next year :) We sat and ate our cupcakes & talked for awhile then we decided to pick up and head to the beach nearby. Neither of us were dressed for the beach because it had been so spontaneous so we pushed Olivia along the sidewalk then sat in the park across from the water to do more talking! Crazy how two people can just pick up like no pause in communication ever happened. A great day!
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OH! and I found a great article on the best junkfood spot in San Diego!! If you've been to any before let me know. I've had a few on the list and Im not surprised they made the cut. Enjoy! Thank me later ;)

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