Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Yesterday my daughter had her two month physical exam and got 3 shots! It's so true when people say that it's harder on you than it is them. She cried as I held her legs still and the nurse gave her the shots but after that she was fine. Ok maybe a little soreness and a faint cry but still, she did great! Me on the other hand? Borderline cry sesh in front of the nurse. haha I snapped a couple pictures of her during her visit to the doctor and Im so blessed she's not a fussy baby!knock on wood Nearby I could hear screaming babies getting the same physical as Olivia and here she is smiling & cooperating :) I love her!!

This next picture cracks me up because after her physical we were standing by for the nurse to come back and I was like "Hey mama you're about to get some shots..." and I doubt she understood me but her face when I said it was priceless!

Livi is in a diaper most of these pictures because 1.she always has to get undressed for dr appointments 2.she spit up on her outfit prior to this visit & 3.if you read her Two Month update then you would know she loves being "naked".I have a separate post for her facial expressions too haha Thanking God for her good health :) BLESSED
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