Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Witch Doctor

So, a couple weeks ago my coworker messaged me in a group text raving about essential oils and I was like hmmm, dont know what this is but I'll ask her when I see her at work(ya know, to avoid the whole group text million man replies) Once I got around to asking her she explained everything and had me pretty much sold by the end of it. She explained all the benefits, how all natural it was and explained the benefits of it during pregnancy. Yes, DURING PREGNANCY! & POST PREGNANCY FOR THE BABY!! Immediately I was like girrrrrrl get me some! Ever since then I've been hooked.(Obviously before you use anything on your body during preganancy you should clear it with your midwife/Dr) My favorite oil of the 3 from the kit is Lavender.

I've used it as many ways as I can. It seems like everyday I read an article about more benefits or my friend brings in more info for me. So funny because the more she learns the more Im asking her for home remedies and a reminder of how to combine oils to get the best use. Whenever she talks about them you would think she was Hermione Granger studying for a potions final haha I can laugh all I want but these are really great and safe alternatives to everything. Enough of my little rave. Im no expert on essential oils nor am I looking to benefit. Just really obsessed with these. Like, really obsessed. Buuut I can point you to my friend Christina. She's a Wellness Advocate for this and my own personal "witch doctor" haha she even bought me a diffuser! Thanks again by the way!!  
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