Wednesday, April 15, 2015


The day is finally here...the day we look forward to once Monday rolls around(after Friday of course)...WEDNESDAY! This signifies the weekend is near. So close to some lazy mornings or church on Sunday. Even if it is only two days, I most definitely take advantage and wake up late try to wake up late. Most weekends I just lounge around but this weekend Im driving back to my parent's house for our baby shower :) I have so much to do before then that I think Im about to explode! Ok not really but I have a vision in my head about how I want it all to look and it differs from my moms. haha she means well but I want this to be perfect. I recently went and bought the favors for the shower and am so excited to see every ones face once they see how clever they are ;) Who buys stuff for their own baby shower?? I DO! And I do it because nobody knows my vision like me. I just want everyone to have a good time and know that we appreciate them celebrating with us. & to that: HAPPY HUMPDAY!
PS: still clueless as to why its even called hump day...Im just goin with the flow
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