Thursday, April 23, 2015


At work today our Diversity Team put on a Holocaust remembrance presentation. Its such a sad part of history...& listening to it with preggo emotions at an all time high wasn't any better. My eyes got so watery to the point I ultimately left before it was over. But anyway, that presentation reminded me of a movie I had seen a looooooooooong time ago.
It's my moms favorite and one of mine too. Despite having to do with the Holocaust & all that surrounds it, the father uses humor to protect his son while they're in the camp. Cant explain too much without giving it all away. Its a tear jerker forsure (You'll laugh too. I promise Im not sending you to watch a sad documentary). & I just found out its on Netflix so Im watching it as I type. If you dont mind watching an almost 2hr movie in Italian while reading subtitles you wont regret it. Pinky swear!
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