Friday, April 17, 2015

Horrible Bosses

Today was such a stressful day at work! Working with people who constantly have a "know it all" attitude makes even the smallest things so difficult. Nothings ever good enough unless its done their way. On top of all that, Im pregnant with unstable emotions at the moment(thanks baby Olivia) so any ounce of stress makes me cry my eyes out. Thankfully I avoid putting on a waterworks show at work but on my drive home I get tons of stares from people in their cars watching a woman hysterically cry, eat a burger & fly down the freeway. Then once I get home Im usually over it and move on...but not always. For me the best way to mellow out is to listen to some good music. Upbeat jolly pop songs just dont do it for me in these instances. I have a playlist called 'Car' because I think better in my car and this playlist has songs that are just chill. Exactly what I need. I'll share a couple songs from the playlist that I can always count on to make me forget a bad day: 

10. Iris -The GooGoo Dolls

9. Collide -Howie Day

8. Unwell -Matchbox Twenty

7. Boston -Augustana

6. Parachute -Train

5. Never say never -The Fray

4. Fall for you -Secondhand Serenade

3. Clocks -Coldplay

2. Look after you -The Fray

1. Chasing cars -Snow Patrol

*& those are in no particular order*
Well there you have it folks. A sample of my mellow mood boosting playlist & a rant about tyrants at work. Hope your day wasn't as bad as mine & that your boss is a good one! 

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