Friday, June 26, 2015

One Month

last minute pictures by me & I bought the stickers for her onesie here
Today Olivia is one month! Time has flown by and she's been doing great :) Now weighing 8lbs and she's 21inches long. She eats, and I mean EATS! A head full of beautiful straight jet black hair. Just waiting for it to curl up...if it ever does. Sleeps well through the night(thank G-O-D!). She got the day time = play time and night time = sleep thing down really good. Olivia loves baths and her hair combed...just like mama ;) She's got good neck action going on when she gets her tummy time. She grips anything that goes in her hand and doesn't know what to do with her face when her feet are rubbed. LOL Miss Olivia enjoys long car rides and naps on Mom or Dad's stomach. She's frequently visited by angels and we know this because of how many times we catch her smiling/laughing in her sleep. Her dad made up "the fussy pants" song whenever she gets fussy and it surprisingly makes her stop when he sings it haha All in all it's been a good month of growth for Olivia :) we're really blessed!
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