Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Flower Jelly Lipstick | Trend

Hey everyone! I received my Jelly lipstick in the mail and let me tell you, it's so cute!! This trend first came on my radar last year when Cosmopolitan featured it on their site. After reading the article I all of a sudden started to see pictures of the lipstick popping up everywhere. The brand that was stirring all the trendy pics is Kailijumei(22$). The brand in my picture is not that but I got it at a fraction of the price(1$) with an identical concept.
Here's another one of my fav apps; Mama. Very cheap and affordable things. Most of the manufacturers are based out of China unless otherwise stated. Ok back to the lipstick! It goes on clear and within seconds it turns color. I ordered the peach shade, it goes on a pinky color, it smells good and did I already say it looks cute??!

 ^ The shades it come in. Mine on far left  ^
If you've ever tried this trend or any others let me know! Thanks for reading :) 
  • DUPE(the one I got) here 
k photo g_zpspzxgm3sh.png

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