Thursday, March 23, 2017

Love it or Leave it | Dupes

Hey everyone! Recently I've been following a lot of beauty trends and found one on dupes. In this post I'll be showing you a couple of  products I use religiously and their high end/ affordable dupes and which ones I love or which Im gonna have to leave(because of either price or functionality for me).
Starting with my intro pic: I bought the NARS radiant creamy concealer last year and have loved it ever since. Im finally almost out and was about to go buy a new one when I stopped at CVS to pick up a prescription and happened to walk past the makeup section. I saw Wet n Wilds display and wanted to try their new foundation, but was unsuccessful in finding my shade, so I decided to try their Photo focus concealer instead.
The packaging remind me so much of NARS so I got the shade in which matched it best.
As soon as I got home I did my makeup and under one eye I applied Wet nWild and under the other NARS. Ladies and Gentlemen, nearly IDENTICAL formula! In this case, Im gonna have to leave NARS :/ at 30$, even though it'll last awhile depending on how often you use it the other concealer is 4$ and works the same.
Everyone has their preference for how they apply makeup and mine is a beauty blender(pictured on the left). On instagram I'd seen lots of people using the sili sponge(right) because it saved more product. I bought the sponge from the app Mama for 1$. After applying my makeup with both products Im still loving my Beauty Blender. Even though the sili sponge is 19$ cheaper it just slaps on the foundation. You have to endlessly tap the foundation on your face and then still use a brush to blend it so everything looks natural.
If I do any eye shadow look Im using some sort of blending brush. I bought the Morphe R34 brush at Stylecon last year. The Wet n Wild crease brush I bought a couple months ago. The bristles are identical in feeling. Im gonna have to leave the Morphe brush :/ it works identical to the 1$ brush from wet n wild. 
Well that's it for my most used product dupes. If you've used any let me know or if you have other recommendations I'd love to hear. Thanks for reading :)
  • SILI SPONGE here
  • MORPHE R34 BRUSH here
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