Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Black Mask | Trend | Skincare

Hey everyone! So Im pretty sure you've seen the humorous  video of a woman in excruciating pain as she removes her charcoal mask. It's hilarious and if you haven't seen it I'll link the video here. Based on the video I assumed the intensity of the mask would work wonders on the few blackheads I had. I scrolled through the comments section looking for a link to the mask so I could give it a try. Well, ladies and gentleman, the verdict is in: it works! 

I tried the mask on my husband first because his blackheads are more visible than mine. We followed the directions completely and he said on a scale of 1-10 removing the mask only hurt a two. 
The above picture is his mask once I removed it. It did remove a lot so for fun we just did it again on his face to get the remainder. Now it was my turn...I assumed it'd only hurt a two like he said but once I removed mine I was teary eyed and ready to question life! haha Kidding! Bur it really did hurt about an eight for me. I've watched other video on the mask since and apparently it's only meant for the T-zone of your face but oh well. (Next time I'll definitely only do the T- Zone though!) Like I mentioned earlier, I didn't have too many visible blackheads so the results of my trial weren't as visible as my husbands but my entire face felt smoother and more refreshed. This is definitely a once a week thing if you do an all over face mask but if you use it for the T-zone Im sure you can do this 2-3 times a week until you're satisfied with the results.

 Let me know if you've tried this or have more funny vids. Thanks for reading! :)
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