Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Selfie Lighting | Affordable

Hey everyone! You may or may not know that Im pretty much a self proclaimed "Selfie Queen" ;) I will not stop until I get a good pic for the gram or my Snapchat(@campbellsoup010). Some might say Im narcissistic but I strongly disagree. You wont ever catch me having a selfie session if my hair/makeup/outfit weren't on point. I feel like pulling together a great head to toe ensemble is an art because most people aren't that talented...*instantly thinks of their aunt who wants to fit in with the young kids so bad* So why not show off your talent??! My logic exactly! Going out at night, or having crazy California weather,  you dont always have ideal lighting so I began my search for some help.

Gonna make a quick Kardashian reference, dont hate me, but on one episode I remember Kim using a light up case and I knew that's what I should get. The brand she uses is Lumee and when I checked out the site I was like, dang...40$? Not the extravagant number I expected but Im all about a good dupe! Recently I've become obsessed with this app called Geek(super affordable tech things & blog post on my expirience with them soon) so the same night I was browsing  for a Lumee case a knock off it popped up right on my screen! 6$, um..yaaaaaaaaaaaas!*insert hands up emoji* Once it came in the mail, and I saw the intensity of the light, I fell in love.
Mine is pictured on the left, possibly needing a charge, but I promise its the real deal. Now, onto the next attachment, my opening picture. At GenBeauty there was a vendor called Impressions Vanity(my husband got my vanity mirror from them) and they were selling selfie cellphone ring lights. HA! Say that really fast haha I tried it out there and loved it but I was a little(ok A LOT) reluctant because of the price. Yes they had event specials but I still wanted cheaper. Sorry, I inherited some of my parents thriftiness. A few weeks went by and BOOM! There, on my beloved Geek app, was a dupe for the light. 5$, oh my lawd! Bought it. Loved it. If you've tried any of these let me know or hve any other good cheap sites let me know. Thanks for reading :)

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