Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Four Months

My angel is four months today!! Before you start to assume I've dropped the ball with her pictures, let me explain; She was wearing such a cute outfit buuuuuut she puked all over it, her play mat and just everywhere! In the midst of it all her chubby cheeks drew me in and Im that mom who takes pics of it all. She'll probably hate it as she gets older haha anywho, she had her physical today and shes in the 85% for height! Growth is on track. Olivia is going to be a tall girl. Model, basketball player...so excited to watch her grow and see what talent/gift she's been blessed with :) She's weighing in around 14lbs and she's 25inches long. At four months she's trying to hold her own bottle during feedings, Olivia laughs at her dad's baby voice, still sleeping all night, eating 6oz every 3 hours, grabs and pulls at all things set in front of her and is just an overall happy baby :) Im glad her hair is slowly making the transition from straight to curly. Not to mention she's got a ton of hair! Olivia sleeps peacefully in her bassinet until she realizes she's alone then mama comes to the rescue. Cuddle sesh and co-sleeping all day! haha this is about Olivia but before I was a mother I never understood the quote "I'll eat you up I love you so!". Now that I am a mother I totally get it. I love my baby!! I am extremely blessed :)
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