Thursday, September 17, 2015


We moved into a house! Still not technically ours but hey, we're getting there. It's hard to put down roots somewhere when I have such a demanding job. After 3 yrs, when I just start to get comfortable, its time for my transfer rotation. Sometimes people get lucky and spend their entire careers in one spot. Or at least for a back to back tour.
The reason I've been so here and there with my blog is for a couple reasons;
 1. We've been packing and moving into our new house
2. Working, all 3 of us have stuffy noses & a potentially teething baby just makes you exhausted 
3. My maternity orders at my current building are almost up(it's nearing transfer time) so I've been in my negotiating window trying to see if I can stay on the west coast. 
With that being said, sadly things dont always work out in my favor...we got orders to NEW ENGLAND!! Well, that district covers a lot of states/ areas but we're slated for Boston. Who knows, it could always be New York. I wont be certain until I report there. If nothing changes from now til then, I'll be enjoying an actual fall season across the country next year! Crazy!! So many things going on like, what about my husband? He has a good job here would he be able to find one just as good there? Ahhh!! If this isn't enough reason to be MIA I don't know what is. Oh and we wont have wifi or cable set up here for another week. Great! Haha what's the furthest move you've ever made? I'd love to hear :) I'll be back with a "home tour" post again once we have internet connected. See you all then!  
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