Wednesday, February 1, 2017


 Hey everyone! Ok so not sure if you remember me talking about GENBEAUTY all over my snapchat and insta but this post is all about it. Back in December I got an email from the IpsyOS team inviting me to the event and that my ticket was complimentary. I was at work when I got the email and was so excited!! Excited because I'd been wanting to go to that event, excited because I was invited as a beauty creator and excited because, hello, MAKEUP!!
I planned on going with my sister but she works weekends so I was forced to go alone. On my husbands behalf he offered to go with me but I didnt want to torture him with my beauty talk haha that event is filled with all sorts of beauty lovers and awesome cruelty free brands sharing their products. At registration I met Annette, who also came alone(all the way from the bay area!), and we hit it off. We both had creator badges so when you go to brands booths you can speak with the PR person and network etc. Since it was both of our first times there we kinda did more observing and we exchanged info with the PR people that did see our badges. SO SO many people there and its a two day event. On the second day the weather was terrible and the day was interesting(ie, cold, tiring). Definitely plan on going on to the next! Our gift bags were filled both days and Im gradually trying out all the products. Reviews on the way but enjoy these pictures! If you've ever been to GenBeauty let me know I'd love to hear :) especially if its been to the NY or SF spots!
                                                                      ^ DAY 1 ^

GenBeauty goodies
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