Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Purple & Gold look | MORPHE 35F palette

Hey everyone! The other night I was suffering from crazy insomnia so at 2am I decided to do an entire full face of makeup, like, WHY!? I couldn't sleep and had done everything but was still awake so my last resort was this haha I actually really liked the look and wished I was going somewhere to show it off. Thank God for pictures though! Keep reading to see how I got this look :)

I challenged myself to stick to 1 eye shadow palette and I chose my MORPHE 35F. The palette is a mix of metallic and matte shades(more metallic though).  The only color that wasn't in the 35F was the color for my inner corner highlight. That was "champagne pop" highlighter from the BECCA x Jaclyn Hill palette. 
  1. First, I primed my eyelids with a concealer
  2. I used the bottom matte shade circled(left) all over my lid
  3. I used the bottom matte shade circled(right) in my crease and inner corner
  5. I used the purple metallic shade circled to go over the crease and inner corner shade
  7. I used the gold metallic shade circled and put it in the center of my eyelid
  8.  BLEND in a side sweep motion so the gold and purple dont look like straight lines of color
  9. Take a CLEAN blending brush and blend the crease so there's no harsh lines
  10. For the inner corner highlight take Champagne Pop(the circled color below) and dab it in
 And that's it! If you want to add lashes I used KISS lashes in JASMINE(pictured below)
Drugstore lashes less than 6$!! If you've used any of these products or have recommendations for other looks let me know I'd love to try them! :) thanks for reading <3
k photo g_zpspzxgm3sh.png

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