Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How I spent my weekend

This weekend I spent it hanging out with my husband, our daughter, my brother in law(UOP Alumni) and his girlfriend Miranda watching a UOP vs LMU basketball game! The game was at LMU in Los Angeles so we busted a quick trip from San Diego to catch it. Unfortunately, us girls missed the first half of the game because of some confusion with guest tickets from Andrew's friend but during half time he brought us some. I honestly would have been fine sitting in the car like we were enjoying our girl talk haha Im really glad I met her and that he's with her because of how well we click and how much of a good person she is. Cant wait to see what's in store for their future :) Ok back to my weekend; UOP won the game!! Close too and had the guys on the edge of their seats. After the game we drove to King Taco (MY MOST FAVORITE IN THE HISTORY OF LIFE PLACE FOR FOOD ON EARTH) :D after that we drove back to their place and picked our car to drive back to San Diego. Pictures are sorta out of order but Sunday we laid around like sacks of potatoes and watched Making a Murderer on Netflix(thanks Miranda!). So good and makes me so angry at how evil people can be. Based on my opinion, without giving too much away, the guy is innocent. But hey, watch and make your own judgements. Later that night I made a Krispy Kreme run. The regular glaze donut machine at the Claremont Mesa location is broken so they give you 20 mini donuts for less than the price of a regular dozen, FYI! & so that was my weekend. With the upcoming observance nearing for this weekend Im thinking of things to do. Hope your plans are awesome!
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