Monday, January 30, 2017

SKINCARE ROUTINE for oily skin

Hey! Its been awhile so let me not waste time and get right into this post ;) I'll do a 'where I've been' post soon!
MOISTURIZER- I've always had oily/combination skin but with the changing weather my face started to dry out more. When I used a moisturizer, barely any at all because I know how my face gets, it went from super dry to really oily. I could never find a balance. Feeling hopeless, I had given up using any moisturizer and continued on with my usual routine(even though my face had the white ring of ash around my mouth afterwards haha) One day I went into Sephora to get color matched to a foundation and the employee kept emphasizing the importance of a moisturizer no matter my skin type. For oily skin he recommended KORRES cream- gel. He said that texture was better for oily skin because it dries fast andddddddd I cant remember the other reason but its good haha Knowing I was already about to spend 40$ on a foundation I passed on the moisturizer(it's 34$) and went to Walgreens to find a dupe(Im actually cheap). I found an 8$ one in the exact same texture by Garnier. I've been using it for a couple months now and I can honestly say it hasn't added any additional oil, or acne, to my skin.
UNDER EYES- Waking up early for work, mom life and all the in between has left my under eyes looking extremely tired. Every morning I use to practically have to do a full face of makeup to hide the bags. I even considered getting a cosmetic procedure done to lighten them :/ Yeah, that bad to me. I was online shopping, during Cyber Monday, and Benefit Cosmetics had a huge sale so I bought this under eye cream. The description promised to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and after two months of use I can say it has! Now I barely use anything under my eyes and just add mascara for my day to day work makeup.
LIPS- Ok so this one is new, like week old new, but I already love it! I got it at Generation Beauty and use it at night. I use to use regular Chapstick but the ingredients in this tube looked interesting(for a lip care product to me) so I used every night since I got it and my lips feel even softer the next morning.
FACE- For my skin type I feel you have to use some kind of exfoliate every day and at the time I bought this I had a lot of acne scars left over from one of my random skin outbursts. Anything that promised to even out my skin tone was a plus for me! Originally I planned to buy the St Ives brand but it was 5-6$ and right next to it was Walmarts version for $1.50. Hey now ;) I bought both and they are EXACTLY the same! From then on I've been buying the cheaper one.
TONER- Again, with my skin type washing my face alone isn't enough. I have to go in with a toner and get the remaining oil out. You'll be surprised to see the dirt on your cotton ball after you use this. Before I found a moisturizer, washing my face and using the toner would dry it out completely so don't forget to follow up with that and hydrate your face.
FACIAL SPRAY- I use this spray after I do my entire facial routine(even as a makeup setting spray) because the benefits of rose water on your skin is amazing!
I totally talked about these products out of order but its pretty self explanatory haha in case you still don't understand I'll list it out step by step:
1. Face
2. Toner
3. Under Eyes
4. Moisturizer
5. Lips
6. Facial Spray
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