Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Im baaaaaaaaaack! Ok not that I was even gone for very long, but compared to my last actual post where I include more than motivation, Yeah; its been awhile! Since then I stuck it out a few more days until the weekend to see my daughter, forgot her costumes at home(since I was at my parents house) so we just stayed in for Halloween, the week she was gone I enjoyed QT with my husband and caught up on much needed cleaning.

Bringing me into the now, this past weekend I had the most amazing time at STYLECON! I went with my brother in laws girlfriend Miranda. Most of my friends may or may not know how much I love style, fashion and makeup so when I started asking around to see who wanted to go I didn't get the shared enthusiasm I had haha My sister actually feels the same way I do but her crazy work schedule prevented her from going. Then I remembered Miranda is a fashion student(who graduates in March woop woop)! Hellooooo, I should have asked her in the first place!! Plus she literally lives in the same area so yea, PERFECT! She was down from the minute asked and we definitely had a lot of fun. I wish through my pictures you can see how gorgeous setups were and I wish that the statement "this was a great event" really channels how great it was. My first time at an event like this and I was overwhelmed with the friendliness, gorgeousness, and empowering feeling inside the building. We got super cool goodie bags and at each little booth there were even more free things. A section where people were doing hair, nails and makeup.. FREE!!!! I met some great bloggers and one of my favorites, Kathleen!! Check out my Instagram and Facebook for more detailed pictures and links to my favorites. If this event happens next year you can believe I'll be there! & you should be too :) Sorry I didn't go into dramatic detail about it but I feel so lame because I've taken every opportunity to talk about it to anyone willing to listen haha If you have any more questions just comment or private message! Now I'll be back to regular posts ;)

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