Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Everyday WORK Makeup | 15min TOPS

 Hey everyone! As you may or may not know Im in the military(GO NAVY!) Often times our schedule is so demanding we don't have much time to get ready but if you're someone like me then you make time haha My thing is, I have to at least cover up my dark circles and pretend that my life is well maintained so my junior personnel can be a mirror of that to our fellow crew. Like, yeah we work crazy hours and barely sleep but we STILL look good af! haha maybe that's just me but whatever. This is a "no makeup - makeup look" with DRUGSTORE products that will take you 15min or less, promise.

 Because of my working environment, and skin type, putting on a full face of makeup is 10000% out of the question. Well how am I supposed to cover my dark circles and acne scars you might ask? MILANI Retouch + Erase Lightening Concealer. I got it from *say it with me* GENERATION BEAUTY. Sorry, I got  SOOOOOOOOOOOO much stuff its insane. But I was color matched there to my exact skin shade and was surprised at how close it matched. The applicator is a sponge type which makes it perfect for the delicate skin under your eyes. You don't need to squeeze out a lot for it to be enough product. I squeeze a little out and tap it under my eyes and just use whatever is left on the sponge to cover my acne scars. FULL coverage, in my opinion. I use a fluffy concealer brush though to blend around the applications so that it just looks like my skin and no makeup.
 I prefer to get my eyebrows threaded because of how neat and how much longer the shape lasts but when we moved I couldn't find a shop that I liked. Waxing would be easier because every nail shop does it but the wax breaks me out and irritates my skin. Desperately needing my brows done I went to a nail shop and just got them waxed. Don't know what she did but I had no adverse reaction! I don't have to do much for my brows because of their thickness just fill in some areas but on the fly I use the MIRABELLA Brow Pencil. Using the spooly end(brush side) I comb the hairs in the direction I want my hair to go then with the pencil side I just fill in areas that I feel need it. Sometimes, I don't even do that just use the spooly.
 We've got you looking awake now but how do you get people to think you drink 8 glasses of water and have glowing skin? WET N WILD MegaGlo Highlighter in "Precious Petals". I use my ring finger to swipe once, for each side, and apply to the high points of my cheek bones + down the bridge of my nose. This is such a nice buildable color that will keep heads turning.
 To get my lashes to look A1 I used PIXI by PETRA Lengthy Fiber Mascara. It adds length but in all honestly it doesn't give me the lash look I want. My favorite mascara is TARTE lights camera lashes but that wasn't necessarily "drugstore" so I didn't add it. Pixi mascara would work great for someone with already short lashes because then I feel it'd really do the intended job. My lashes are a nice length so for me this mascara just adds color. The wand is nice for bottom lashes though!
 To set everything I use a rosewater spray by MARIO BADESCU that's also good for your face. I have oily skin so this spray doesn't add any additional oil. I often times use this as my moisturizer when Im out.
That's it for my work makeup :) Let me know if you have any mascara alternatives for me. Thanks for reading!

    PS: If you haven't checked out my first YouTube video then do so here :)
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