Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Naomi's Birth Story

My sweet little angel was born healthy as ever and we're so blessed :) If you've read Olivia's birth story then her little sisters is less eventful but just as memorable for me. Are you ready? 

As you know our girls are 13 1/2 months apart(we couldn't wait) haha so the entire pregnancy my midwife kept telling me that back to back babies of the same gender was going to make me bigger & give us a bigger baby. Upon finding out I was pregnant the doctors determined my due date to be the 29th of July but at my anatomy ultra sound they told us the baby was measuring 2 weeks early. Great.

My husband got offered a promotion outside of San Diego county(closer to our families) so he & Olivia moved back in with his parents so they can help with baby sitting until our house was done being built. That left me at our San Diego home by myself just going to work and nesting in preperation for the new baby. 

I didn't want to go into labor alone so at my July 6th appointment the midwife told me that I was 3cm dilated but no real time table as to when the baby would be due. Going off my first pregnancy, I knew that a week before my due date I was also 3cm and the baby came exactly then. I requested a week off of work and drove up to be with my family.

On July 12th around 11pm I climbed into bed and was greeted with a familiar feeling...my water broke!! My husband drove us to the hospital & just like last time no major contractions so we waited. & waited. 

At some point my contractions got so unbearable I asked for an epidural. The nurse told me I was second in line and to just sit tight while she brought in tools etc to get me ready. Not even 5 min later I got a big contraction & my exact words were "I dont know if Im pooping or pushing but Im doing something!!" She lifted up my gown and said "yup, you're pushing I'll go get the dr..no epidural for you!"

With my husband by my side I pushed a few times and out came my baby girl crying :) a hefty 8lbs 8oz at nearly 6am on July 13th. The Dr said if I had of held her in until my actual due date(29th) then she would have been 10lbs!! They cleaned her off, suctioned out her mouth and put her on my chest while I was stitched up(I tore again). Surprisingly pushing and delivering a baby without an epidural wasn't as bad as the actual contractions. Excuse the TMI but it honestly felt like you were just pooping haha

Unlike my initial first few minutes with Olivia I was able to breast feed Naomi the same day! Still breast feeding now so we'll see how long that lasts. *crossing fingers it lasts a LONG time*. Instead of 4 days at the hospital I left the next day :) not sure if the reason I went into labor was because it was my time or because the day before I had my sister give me a massage and push on pressure points to induce labor haha regardless our girl is here and healthy & thats all we can ask for :)
-Photos by VanessaLynn 

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